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Thank you for your interest in the AZ Study Guide. Please show other teachers in your school the AZ Study Guide so their classes can participate in the ordering.

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BONUS! For every quantity of 10 purchased, one AZ Study Guide will be sent free! For example, if 24 AZ Study Guides are purchased you will be sent 26 AZ Study Guides. Offer is valid only for quantities shipped to individual schools (one address).

Please add the following charges for shipping and handling:

             Quantity                  Cost

           Less than 10               $5.00
           More than 10               Please contact us.

Teachers, students, family, and friends can view and/or order the study guide through our web site www.zermeno.com/AZStudyGuide.html, however shipping and handling charges will apply.

Please let us know of other potential customers or let them know about us!

Look for future AZ Study Guides in other languages next year. Check our web site for potential release dates.

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Ms. Anderson

 9th & 10th grades


12 x $10.00 = $120.00
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