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Verb Tense and Usage

The AZ Study Guide has been designed to be used both vertically and horizontally.

The vertical design allows for easier and faster learning by using the following:


  Red colored names of verb tenses are easy to find and include comparable English meaning.  Verb tense endings are easy reference for conjugating
any regular verb.

 Twelve of the most common verbs are fully conjugated: dar, decir, estar, hacer, ir, poder, poner, saber, ser, tener, venir, ver.

Alternating blue
and green colors help to contrast and locate

the correct verb tense quickly.


  Verb tenses and
conjugations are faster to locate and use when reading or speaking

 Use the horizontal verb tense and vertical infinitive verb to help you find the
correct verb conjugation

 The verb tenses listed include:
Present Indicative
Present Progressive
Present Perfect
Future Perfect
Present Subjunctive
Present Perfect Subjunctive
Conditional Perfect
Preterite Perfect
Imperfect Subjunctive
Pluperfect Subjunctive
Future Subjunctive

 Garamond style size 10 font size allows for easy reading

 Blue divider line helps students learn which verbs are present/future vs. past

The horizontal design allows for faster and easier learning by using the following:

For the more complex sentences using a phrase with a subjunctive verb tense and another present/future or past tense phrase, the blue horizontal divider line guides students to the correct verb tense choices available.


Present and Future Tenses <--------------- use with ----------------> Present Subjunctive Tenses

When using verbs in the present or future tense, do not use any verb tense below the blue line.

When using verbs in the past tense, do not use any verb tense above the blue line.

Past Tenses <----------------------------------use with -------------------> Past Subjunctive Tenses


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