B. Roberto Cruz

Founder of the National University Dies.

B. Roberto Cruz, Founder of the National University , San José, has died. Cruz, who devoted his life to fighting for the education of Latinos, died at his San José home after a bout with cancer. Born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas, he received a doctorate fromt he university of California, Berkeley in 1971. He later became an education professor at Stanford Unversity. After seeing few Latinos enrolled in colleges, he founded the National Hispanic University in 1981. It started as a two-classroom campus and grew to an accredited private college. In 1991, it moved to San José. (Hispanic, October 2002)

While don Roberto was not from Hayward, he is included in this list, due to this values in life -- education and youth -- which mirror those of los aliancistas de Hayward.

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