Chicano/Latino Democratic Club of Southern Alameda County - CALDO


In July 2003, Chicano/Latino community members joined together in Hayward and founded the Chicano/Latino Demos of Southern Alameda County (CALDO). It was chartered by the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee on September 3, 2003.

This club is formed to carry out the following purposes:

º To propose, discuss and act on public policy issues with emphasis on issues impacting the Chicano/Latino community iwth particular attention to education on political issues and local political action.

º To practice political education in English and in Spanish with empashis in youth, new citizens and immigrant newcomers in order to secure the welfare of the Chicano/Latino community and the Democratic Party and its ideas in our community.

º To promote the participation of the Chicano/Latino community in the Democratic Party.

º To contribute to the growth of the Democratic Party in the Chicano/Latino Community of Alameda County.

º To develop and encourage a grass-roots voice within the California Democratic Party, to foster continuing adherence to Democratic ideals within the Party for the Latino community.

º Identify, recruit and prepare future Chicano/Latino leaders.


   qualities of a good leader

unwavering courage
self control, civility
keen sense of justice
definiteness of decision
definiteness of plans
habit of doing more than paid for
pleasing personality
sympathy and understanding
mastery of detail
willingness to assume full responsibility
leadership by consent of others, not by force
leadership, vision and courage

Would like to join us? You be part of one of our committees.

- Fundraising Committee

-Newsletter and Publicity Committee

-Program and Telephone Committee

-Membership Committee

-Voter Registration Committee

Visit and help out our fellow Democrats at the

Democratic Campaign Headquarters

550 Vía Mercado, San Lorenzo

A day in the life of Joe Republican

We need more elected Latinos, especially in our Bay Area

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