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Some activities of the October Flyover
Distributed 800 bags of beans, 800 bags of rice.
Donated $150 to the sports director for athletic equipment.
Checked with the fire department. The building could use a paint job, and they could use 2-3 inch fire hose.
Checked with the local school and they could use eye glasses for the children.

My trip to San Felipe
by Rudy Soto

My wife and I participated in the October Flyover to San Felipe along with several members of the Hayward San Felipe SCC. I elected to drive so that I could visit family on my way south, but other members took the easy way out by flying into town.
When we arrived in San Felipe, we were met by that sister city committee and they quickly arranged for our use of their personal vehicles so that we could deliver food stuff to some of the disadvantaged colonias. We spent most of Friday, the 16th distributing food to colonias Los Arcos and Los Gavilanes. Colonia Las Minitas also received food, but it was delivered and distributed by one of their committee members. I have to mention at this point that La Presidenta, Ms Gargan, thought she had it made because she flew in late, and thought she would not have to help distribute, but Señor Dick took care of that; he took her of the plane and unto a pickup to finish off the day of distributions.
That evening the committee treated us to a hospitality bash. They brought plate after plate of goodies, mostly sea food and was it ever good! Caramba, there was a lot of cerveza y tequila! Hmm...
Saturday was a day of leisure...everyone did their own thing. Dave, Dick, my wife Alice and I went to visit Dave and Dick’s compadres, Inez and José Fregoso. They live at Quinta Las Rosas, down a little road that is easy to find, right of the main road in to San Felipe. It’s easy to find because there is a pile of old tires by the entrance to the road. God help us if they ever decide to clean up that pile of tires; no one will ever find them. That afternoon we met at Campo #1 by the sea and again they did it to us. They fed us royally, and Ramón and some of his friends played many Mexican songs for us. They were great! That afternoon we had the privilege of having the mayor of the city as our guest. She expressed a desire to have a museum built in San Felipe. Sunday was a repeat of the previous day. On your own until 2 p.m. and them (“I can’t stand this”) a farewell get-together with more of the same...good food, good music, great friends, and excellent weather. We all said goodbye to our hosts and friends, as we were all leaving the following morning.
My wife and I were supposed to drive back home on Monday, for a class on Tuesday, but, “the heck with class, we leave tomorrow”. I was having the time of my life enjoying the great weather and the Mexican atmosphere. That day we visited with Profesor Antonio at the Jaime Nuno School. He showed us around and told us of some of his needs, which were numerous, but his biggest concern was to get better desks for his students. On Tuesday, I told Alice that I didn’t want to leave, that there was no hurry to get home. So Alice agreed to stay until Wednesday. That Tuesday we visited Perico and his wife, and also Rosa at the Tom Neveau School. Wednesday morning we left, reluctantly, but with a warm feeling for our friends and sister city of San Felipe.

The President’s Report

The Hayward San Felipe Sister City Committee has fifty members at this time, formed around an active nucleus of twenty. Our committee meets once a month at Miguel’s Restaurant in Downtown Hayward. Our two annual big events are our Shrimp Feed and a Flea Market, which yields us between $5,000 and $10,000.

Members Flyin to San Felipe, Baja California, México in April and October every year. On each trip, we buy and distribute food to the needy of San Felipe. We also help with financial assistance for special services and supplies, and uniforms for individual students, electrical hookups for homes, eye examinations and glasses, or arranging for medical treatment.

Once every two or three years we travel with our 44 feet trailer which generally is filled with school equipment such as desks, chairs, filing cabinets, etc., medical equipment, and household items.

Members travel to San Felipe either by car or private aircraft. In these trips, the members are responsible for their travel expenses, hotel fees, beach towels, food and drink, fishing, and all other fun activities. Join us!


Shrimp Feed
March, 10, 2001
6 p.m.
Centennial Hall, Hayward

Call for tickets today! Only $30 for a great event!

Do you have a donation for the Shrimp Feed! Contact us today!

San Felipe Flyin
April 26-30, 2001

Sign up today! Contact Don David at: dmwolff@earthlink.net

Board of Directors

Frances Granados, President
LaVon Neveau, Vice President
Jan Maxwell, Treasurer
Francisco Zermeño, Secretary
Don David Wolff, Flyin Chairman

Sidney Gargan, Shrimp Feed Chairwoman

Contact us at:
Hayward San Felipe SCC
P.O.Box 92
Mt. Eden CA 94557

Meet with us:
Second Wednesday of the month
6:30 p.m.
The Ranch Restaurant, Hayward

Visit us on the web:

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The HSFSCC Flyer • November, 1998

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