Zermeño Hayward City Council

Experience and commitment to move Hayward forward

Public Safety, Economic Vitality, Improvement of Our Neighborhoods

Why Hayward?

Street Parties (third Thursday in June, July and August)
Zucchini Festival (August)
World-class Auditorium (Chabot College)
Educational Center (Cal State, Chabot, Heald, Life Chiropractic)
Municipal Airport
3 Golf Courses, one world-class
Shasta, Pepsi and Berkeley Farms
Blues Festival
Cinco de Mayo Festival
Return of the Swallows de Chabot Festival
Battle of the Bands
4th Largest Tequila Collection in the East Bay (Acapulco Bar & Grill)
1st City in my heart
5th Largest Bay Area City
15th Most Diverse City in the USA
30th Largest California City
93rd. best city in the USA to raise a family (2008)
156th Largest City in the USA
Most Romantic City in the USA (1998)
Auto Loop
Southland (largest in the East Bay!)
Small Businesses Galore
Latino Business Roundtable
The Plunge
Wetlands and Interpretive Center
12 Screen Cinema Place (with midnight shows!)
Buffalo Bills
Julio Bras Portuguese Centennial Park
Japanese Gardens
Alden E. Oliver Sports Park
Garin Park
Sulphur Creek Nature Center
Meek Estate
Largest Collections of Movies in Spanish
(Video Z fell prey to Netflix on 11.30.2010)
3 City Halls
2 Hospitals
2 Costcos
2 Mi Pueblos
2 Targets
Farmer's Market
Douglas Morrisson Little Theater
Joe Montana Presence
2 BART Stations
Greyhound Station
Amtrak Station
San Felipe Community Center
Totem Pole
Big Mike
3 Post Offices
9 Firefighter Stations
Hayward Area Historical Society Museum
McConaghy House Historial Museum
Area's largest collection of Spiderman Memorabilia
Casa Zermeño
Heart of the Bay

Hayward on!

List of Top Reasons for Living Happily Proud in Hayward

Listening to great live music at the Bistro Free every night! (submitted by Allison Cook, 21/ix/04)

Hiking the peaceful hills and trails of Garin Park

The Tranquility of the Japanese Garden

Memories of the fabulous campus of the old Hayward High

Constant cultural activities through the Hayward Library

Hayward's Multi-Generational

Poetry Slams

Wonderful Nutcracker Ballet at the Chabot Theater

Haircuts by Barber Joe, the Mayor of B St.

Day of the Dead Exhibit at Meek Estate

My book--Hayward Hometown Poetry

Hayward Fishery -- Yummmm!

Terrific climate

BART to San Francisco in 40 minutes

Central to so many places to hike/bike

My hometown--Hayward Hospital on A St., 1946
(the ones above were sent in by Bruce Roberts, 23.xii.10)

Hayward Chamber of Commerce's Street Parties

The Rotunda's Art Shows

Horchatas at Acapulco Restaurant

Rich Diversity of our city

Driving down B Street

Reading the Daily Review with my morning coffee


The great staff at the City Clerk's Office

Camarones a la diabla at El Cerrito Restaurant

City Hall

Jorge Servín's wrougth iron fencing

Great photos at the Hayward Historical Museum

Reading my Daily Review with my morning coffee

Running into friends while eating a hot pastrami sandwich and drinking an ale at Buffalo Bills

Rich taquitos from Tacos Uruapan

James Bond books, and books in Spanish, at The Book Shop

All those Spiderman comic books and action figures at Maximum Monkey Comics! (gone)

Los Chilones de Hayward at the Matt Jiménez Boys & Girls Club Center

Taquitos al pastor at Taquería Eduardo's

Taking a class at Chabot College

Visiting Cal State Hayward

Cult movies at Video Z (gone)

Finding out about Hayward by surfing www.zermeno.com

Walking the neighborhoods

Drama productions at Mt. Eden High

Alaskan rolls at The Naked Fish

Great books at the Hayward Public Library Dedicated in Honor of César E. Chávez

iMacs at the Computer Center

The Altars at the Sun Gallery

Zucchini bread at the Festival

Fire Station at Main

Meeting and listening to Hayward residents

Dried figs at the Crossroads World Market

Pilar's wall postcard collection at Glenn Oaks

Tennyson High events

John's sweet creations at GH Demos' meetings

Classes at the Hayward Recreation Center, Adult School and Senior Center

Escargots at Rue de Main (gone)

Burritos de lengua at Taquería Arandas

Minami bouquets (gone)

Window shopping Southland

Jorge's hat collection at El Tapatío on B. Street (gone)

Chianti Supremo at Buon Appetito

Kid's handprints at the Kid's Breakfast Club

El Cinco de Mayo Festival

Expresso at Café Bijoux

Reupholstery furniture done at Chevy's Furniture Reupholstery

Great frame selection at Eye Spy

Professionalism at the Hayward Body Shop

Mother's chiles rellenos

Ana's flowers at the Farmer's Market

Banning's historical walks. With Banning's passing in 2005, we now have Frank Goulart doing the touring.

Fried rice at Rickshaw Express

Dancing at Better World School of Music and Dance, in our Downtown and at www.bwmusicanddance.com

Ride-alongs with a HPD officer

Grupo Tlapalli

The delicious homemade flan at the Shark Shack Restaurant

Marcos' mural at César E. Chávez Middle School

CABE events

Sesame balls at Mr. Chaus (gone)

Volunteer Dinner at Centennial

The five different sauces at La Salsa on B and Watkins

Touring Moreau High

CALDO meetings

Art shows at HAC


The view from Fairview

Fresh guavas at Arteaga's Market

Riding the choo choo train at Kennedy Park

Swallows at Chabot College and their Return of the Swallows Festival in early April

The chips and salsa at Los Dos Hermanos on Mission Blvd.

Varied selection at Chávez Super Market

Recruiting students at Hayward High

Good bicycles at Cyclepath

Melodious Latino music at Discoteca Lluvia on A Street

Picking blackberries at East Avenue Park

Fresh tortillas at La Mexicana

Shoreline walks

Calling Hayward residents from the United Food and Commercial Workers Hall in Hayward

Palmeras at Panadería Corona

Hayward-San Felipe Sister Committee's Shrimp Feed (gone)

Do you have something which builds upon your pride of being Haywardian?
Let me know at machetez@sbcglobal.net , and I will add it to this list...

April in Hayward 

Zucchinis in blossom
Supper club at Miguel's
Antique shops on B St. Plaza
Romance in the air

Hayward, the heart of the Bay
the shadow of San Francisco
Flying small planes from its airport
on the way to San José

Cal State and Chabot College
aspiring youth, the future of the milleninum
Southland Mall, Sears, Macy's, Good Guys,
Penny's & Mervin's

Olive Garden, the aroma of romance
Italian music soothes the nerves
The Holy Ghost Parade ends at All Saint's Church

Mission HIlls Golf Course of Hayward
Twin Bridges elegant homes
Skywest Golf Course by Kennedy Park
accross from the Pizza Joint

Festival Cinemas
Hayward - City of Romance
and more

1999, Eduardo O. Carrasco (plublished here with Don Eduardo's permission)

Hayward’s City Flower

       Brussels, Belgium
Annual contest:
              “Decorate Brussels with Flowers!”
       and the city explodes with blooms,
              a colorful cataclysmic collage
                     for as long as the weather lasts.

I thought of this recently,
in Hayward, CA,
   my home town,
            corner of A St. and Foothill Blvd.
              where large,stone and concrete
                        sit empty—
              Well, but for weeds,
            two unrecycled coke cans,
                  a Starbuck’s cup,
             and an old tennis shoe,
                    a once-black Ked,
                              laces missing.

Hayward has a city flower,
          a fragrant delight,
                in many colors,
       symbolizing the colorful health
                and beauty
         of the Heart of the Bay,
       one of my all-time favorites—
              the CARNATION!
Have you seen one lately?
Hayward, California,
       Annual contest:
            “Find a carnation within the city limits!”                                     

San Francisco vacationers
    once journeyed
      to Hayward
to bask
        in its pastoral beauty.

Yet, today,
    even the city flower
 is elusive,
  at best.

To correct this injustice,
       I propose a new
          city flower—
a perennial
that thrives
all over Hayward,
blooming in every season,
on every street corner,
        a rotating, multi-colored display
              of green and red and yellow blooms,
                     drought tolerant,
                       sun or shade,
              freezing winter or torrid summer
       make no difference
           to this ideal, hardy, ubiquitous
              denizen of Hayward.

       Brussels, eat your heart out!
              I give you,
                     Hayward’s new city flower—

                        THE TRAFFIC LIGHT!

                                                        Bruce Roberts, 2009

Zermeño Hayward City Council

Protect, Improve and Preserve our Neighborhoods

¡Hayward on!

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