Los chilones de Hayward

Los chilones de Hayward is a team of Basketball aficionados and weekend warriors of the best participatory sport around (besides soccer, of course)...

We have been playing together since 1980 -- when we were young whipper snappers, and we still are -- first in the small gym of the small school going up Carlos Bee, on Palisade Ct., with the YMCA.

Now we play at the new Mateo Jiménez Boys Gym on Russ Rd., by Tennyson Rd., on a league made up of seven other teams.

We also play fundraising games when challanged by others. As a matter of fact, we were able to defeat the Mt. Eden Jr. Varsity team on a friendly scrimmage, by a whole 2 points!

Our home, our haunting, hunting, dribbling, passing, jumping, rebounding, shooting, camaradering, blocking and dunking (ja!) grounds have been the Chabot College gym, at 8:00 a.m., every Sunday, rain or shine.

Wanna joins us!

Current Chilones are




Jesús Is the Answer Armas

Joe The Humble Kuwabara 

Ron The Laser Peck

Michael El Gran Chilón Sweeny

Francisco The Human Hilight Zermeño

Past Hall of Famer Chilones are

Brian Passer Extro

Larry The Bull

Larry LePore 

Nick Randall

Dave Shoots from Anywhere Taylor

Dale Wagoner

Hutch Mr. Clutch











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