Dr. Marcos Guerrero

Dr. Marcos Guerrero

Let me tell some stuff i know
about a man named Dr. Marcos Guerrero
he was a principal of mine
very interesting and really kind.
He was born in New York
and wanted every kid to be successful.
He wanted to see Latino's as well as other minorities stay in school
and continue their education
beyond high school.

He earned a Bachelor's degree
in anthropology
from Antioch College and soon later
applied for Stanford University.
He took the principal position
at Ruus, Glassbrook, as well as César Chávez.

The absence of the exclusionary
Dr. Marcos Guerrero
will always bother us
but we still know he's still
smiling that shiny bright smile
down on us telling us he's
happy were GOD placed him.

He died knowing he would "Rest In Peace"
because the "Cancer" took over
and he knew he couldn't recover.
Life ended for him at forty-seven and
life begins again for him
when he sees the encouragement
he gave us, showing in all of us.

"We all very much Love and miss Dr. Marcos Guerrero
very, truly, deeply a lot."
by Melissa Salazar, La Alianza's Art & Essay Winner, 2000

Marcos Guerrero, Dr. G.

We met him a while back. He always had dreams. He always had time for his friends. We shared many interests. La Alianza del Rancho San Lorenzo was one of his dreams, and it evolved into us today, La Alianza de Hayward. We are him, and he is us.

Helping others was his thing. Why, last year, at this time he was selling beer in the beer booth, making money for La Alianza and our objectives. He clearly enjoyed himself, chatting with friends, smiling his amiable nature, as always...one could really not tell that he was not feeling very well. After helping La Alianza, he went over to his school, César Chávez Middle School to look over their fundraising Carnival. He was tireless.

Youth education, as can be seen by the photograph, being surrounded by "his" children, culture in youth, and helping them reach the stars were what he worked for...as a teacher, as an administrator, as a role model in the Puente Program, as a principal, as a community leader, as a fighter against racism, he was unwavering. As a family man, as a devout man, he was exemplary.

I was going help him paint that one unpainted spot on his house, but it got left for mañana, which did not come, so we never got around to it...we ran out of time. He was a real friend, one who always had a shot of tequila for me, with lemon from his favorite Mexican lemon tree, when I would visit him...it was tradition.

The evenings were devoted to his family and his teaching a class at USF. Teaching was a major love. Oaxaca, México was his place of stay for several weeks during the summer break, doing volunteer work, making more friends, and bringing back more stories and material for his work back home, to be shared with his colleagues.

Marcos, today's Cinco de Mayo Festival is dedicated to you. We have a scholarship named on your behalf, one way to remember your efforts by rewarding one our future community leaders. All our efforts, our youth, our community, our objectives are yours. We, all of your buddies and colleagues of La Alianza de Hayward salute you! Your spirit lives on!

La Alianza de Hayward was proud to dedicate the Cinco de Mayo Celebration of 2000 in the memory of Dr. Marcos Guerrero. "Dr. G" was a bilingual teacher at various schools as well as principal at Glassbrook, Ruus and most recently, Chávez Middle School. His long battle with cancer ended last September and left a void in the Hayward educational community. His spirit soars through the focus of this year's Art and Essay contest: "Sí se Puede...los Guerreros del Futuro"

por Francisco Zermeño, Hayward, 2000

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