Ramón Parada

I am a product of the California educational system. I attended public schools, community college, Cal State and the University of California. Although not that "viejo", when I started elementary school they corporal punishment (you know, give you a whack or two) for speaking Español in class. Plus Spanish speakers were not allowed to take Spanish in high school. The moral of this story is that things have changed but there are still many barriers we must overcome as Raza. Let's not be fooled into thinking that everything is nice and rosy or as they say in my época: Everything is "Peachy King." So despite the odds, "Sí Se Puede." "¡Y Dale Gas!." I am a counselor, assigned to the Puente Project. at Chabot College. I can be found in Room 116. My phone number is 723-7120. My office hours are posted outside my door.

Don Ramón presenting the César E. Chávez bronze plaque to the community at the Hayward Public Library. 3/31/2001. Photo by Martín Arredondo.

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