Spiderman in Cancun 2005

Spiderman in France 2004

Spiderman Living Happy at
Casa Zermeño

Spiderman in France 2004

Well, as Spidey would say, the photos above are not at Casa Zermeño. First one iswith his buddy Zermeño at Cancún, Yucatán, México (1/2005), and others on top are in Spain, then France, with Pilar and then Iago, (6/2004).

The bottom left three are at his favorite spot, Casa Zermeño's Spiderman Room, taken by future son-in-law G Reyes (8/2009),
the next two are by
Evelyn Carmack, una Z teacher's pet Spanish student visiting México D.F. (7/2009), and the last one is from Flickr (8/2009).

The bottom ten are also by G. Life is good (at Disney beginning in 9/2/2009), huh? 'Nuff said.


Spiderman in France 2004
Spiderman1 en Casa Z
Spiderman11 en Casa Z
Spiderman, MexicoDF, Evelyn Carmack 2009
Spiderman, MexicoDF, Evelyn Carmack 2009
Spiderman from Flicker 2009
Spiderman in Spain, 2004
Spiderman, MexicoDF, Evelyn Carmack 2009

Spiderman12 en Casa Z



Spiderman13 en Casa Z Spiderman1 en Casa Z Spiderman2 en Casa Z
Spiderman3 en Casa Z Spiderman4 en Casa Z Spiderman5 en Casa Z
Spiderman6 en Casa Z Spiderman7 en Casa Z Spiderman8 en Casa Z

Spiderman9 en Casa Z


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