A Z Spanish Study Guide!





Why is the AZ Study Guide for you?


The AZ Study Guide can be used by anyone who wants to learn, improve or review Spanish!
It is particularly designed to supplement classroom teaching and textbooks for high school and college students in Spanish courses. The information and design of the AZ Study Guide allows family members in different grade levels to use it at the same time.

How can I use the AZ Study Guide?

In writing:

Use the AZ Study Guide for reference while using your student workbook, writing compositions, letters, and notes. The special AZ Grammar Usage and Examples side includes the most frequently needed grammar information and examples for quick and easy use as you work. The unique AZ Verb Tense and Usage side is designed to remind and teach students how to use the present, past, and future tense sequences correctly.

In reading:

Use the AZ Study Guide verb tense side to identify verb forms and tenses. Refer to the grammar side to help identify particular uses of pronouns, prepositions, adjectives, articles, comparisons, conjunctions, and more!


In speaking and listening:

Practice speaking with a friend or classmate using different verbs, verb tenses and grammar references with the AZ Study Guide. Don't forget to use it while watching Spanish TV, listening to the radio, or take it with you on trips!

Classroom teachers:

The AZ Study Guide is ideal for classroom use either for individual students or small group work. It can easily be placed on one of the classroom walls for easy reference for you and your students. See our order information on how you can order for your students.

Where can I use the AZ Study Guide?

The AZ Study Guide is a lightweight, flexible, laminated poster 36 inches by 24 inches (3 feet by 2 feet). It can be rolled and unrolled for easy transport or storage. The poster format enables the learner to locate the verb or grammar information quickly and easily without having to flip through numerous books or note pages. It is ideal for use on tabletops or used like a poster and mounted on a bulletin board or wall. The AZ Study Guide can be folded and unfolded for the backpack, binder, suitcase or briefcase. If folded, the creases are permanent but the AZ Study Guide is still perfectly usable and readable.

When folded into 8 sections as shown below, the dimension of the folded AZ Study Guide is


approximately 9 x 12 inches with thickness of 1/4 inch


Take AZ Study Guide to school, home, office, library, or on trips!

Folded or rolled the AZ Study Guide can go wherever you go!

Learning a new language opens you up to a new world of adventure and possibilities!

Have fun with it!

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