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 How did this come about? How did a few ill-armed Mexicans defeat the mightiest European army of the 19th Century? Through the inspirational leadership of Benito Juárez!

After the European allies landed without opposition at Veracruz, México in January, 1862, the Spanish and English representatives realized that the French had grander ideas than simply collecting a $15 million loan; they actually wanted to conquer México. The Spanish and English returned home, and in February the French army of more than six thousand men, under the command of Brigadier Charles Latrille, Comte de Lorencez, began the march inland on a wave of occupation. General Lorencez was confident in his letters home: "We are so superior to the Mexican race, in organization, discipline, morality and elevation of feeling, that at the head of six thousand soldiers I am already master of Mexico."

When Presiden Benito Juárez, learned France, and their allies, not respecting México's right for self-government and liberty, had landed in Veracruz, he addressed the Mexican Congress: "...México, a small country, is big. México, a weak country, is trong. México, a young nation, is powerful, because the love of liberty and justice is present in every Mexican...Among individuals, as well as nations, respect of the rights of others is peace."

The French Army marched from the port of Veracruz, planning first to capture Puebla on the way of México City. Blocking General Lorencez' advance was General Ingancio Zaragoza's Mexican Army. Zaragoza's troops were in fortified positions at Fort Loreto and the Fort of Guadalupe overlooking the city of Puebla. The Mexican troops, 3,500 poorly trained and armed men, fought them with pride, strength and the will to defeat the French, were the words of the Mexican National Anthem ("Mexicanos, al grito de guerra...), begun by alone soldier with his bugle. It became the rallying cry of that battle, which the Mexican soldiers ultimately won...After suffering a thousand casualties, the French abandoned the attack and retreated to Orizaba.

Although the battle of Puebla did not end the war between M abandoned the attack and retreated to Orizaba.

Although the battle of Puebla did not end the war between México and France, its anniversary on May 5, 1862 has been observed ever since; in México and abroad, as a popular National Holiday.

 ¿Cómo sucedió esto? ¿Cómo fue que unos pocos malarmados mexicanos derrotaron al ejército europeo más potente del Siglo XIX? ¡Por el liderato inspirativo de Benito Juárez!

Después de que los aliados europeos desembarcaran sin oposición en Veracruz, México en enero, 1862, los representantes españoles e ingleses se dieron cuenta de que los franceses tenían ideas


Strong as the sun united by pride fighting force and no remorse. Go on their path to an unusual was a war for liberty including all a time for unity, a time or war.

Sore feet dirty shirts full of dust full of sweat with the scorching sun the burning flames that burns in their heart melting away the fear instead.

The superior soldiers, the disciplined men so sure of victory too mediocre to realize that is not but faith that matters which can make enormous ladders that make a lonely man a man with lots of power.

In Puebla starts the soldiers tremble the feeling mixed for those who fear their eternal sleep. Many pray to the savior of our world for a hope to live after the war.

The time is near not even a sound but then the battle started the dead bodies of courageous soldiers who wished for victory sacrificed their lives, but still gave a reason for others to fight. As the French laughing a voice came from the ground a voice with enough strength to give life and crying out loud "Mexicanos, al grito de guerra" the French stopped laughing and the Mexicans soldiers began raising their minds awakening and their hearts pumping. By then, the Mexicans won and the French went back with the shame of their lost and the Mexicans spread to all streets and roads that anybody can have a dream that anyone can achieve a dream, and that anybody is denied a dream.

Yet that day, it was a big day an unusual day where people united and a dream was purpusued. Victory they had it now and forever it will still be true.

by Mario Quispe

Hayward High School

9th grade

1997 winner essay

"Cinco de mayo" por J. Cusacchs


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