Shout outs!

Here are my grand hellos to everyone!!


christina: hi ina!!im happy ina... im happy... hehehe whoosh! speedos! =P o ya its all about... rice rice baby! so when we going to shereens house again and listen to sad music and think about sad stuff!?!??! heheh i ate to many sour skittles!! my eyes got red i wasnt crying!!!!! hehehe we broke the chairs in church!

A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and sings it back to you when you forget the words.



shereen: hey sherz! *burp* oops sorry! soo how are you? me!? fine.. cuz its all like hoy! o ya tell me if you see eucharist boy again haha in st annes! hahaha you saw him in his ugly shoes!! lol so ugly! o ya hehe knee-l there knee in kneel cuz you use your knee to kneel!! lol ya!

uuuhhhh... yaaa




char: hiyo!!!Seeeee i put you on my page! im nice Ü. hehehe anyway i dont like my voice its sooo nasty!! i cant even talk right.. im all stumbling and stuff! its not cool.. you sound better then me! o ya hehehe you make my days happy cuz your so cool!! i hope she trips and ruins her face!! lol gosh im so mean.. but thats ok.

Did you ever know that you're my hero,

and everything I would like to be?

I can fly higher than an eagle,

for you are the wind beneath my wings.
Luv you ..hehe


jammy so: hi!!hehehe i like that name! So hows *ahem* you know who?? huh everything peachy? hehehehehe.. *sniff* no one loves me.. so sad! O ya when we going to da movies or sumwhere eh? we havnt gone inna long time!!! we need to see eachother more! o ya ill try to go to yur guys games! ok!? gosh theyre all faraway and stuff! but ill try to go anyway


clint: hoy....=( you dont care about me anymore... *sniff sniff* i mean you dont say hi to me in person or barely talk to me on IM.... ya i feel the love! youre too cool for me now huh? ya thats it.i see... i dont know who you like! or if your going out with anyone! or if youve gotten you heartbroken or if you hav a broken leg! i dont know anything! sheesh!


richy: i love you richy!!! o yaaaaa, richy, why did you get taller then me richy! your taller!! your not supposed to be taller. nope nope. and wassup with the whole go away thing now huh!!??! yur all being mean and shiz!

yaya.. dont even want me to look at yur tummy.. hehe ambarrassed.. hehehe!

im going to rip yur shirt of just watch..



andrew: your cool andrew... im glad you dont hate me like you used to, its better when were friends! hehehee... and you too... you swear i still like *ahem* i dont! ok i dont! hes retarded... no offense if *ahem*you know who you are reads this. ok anyway... please listen to your unkle and leave me alone!!! hahahaha *on andrews sn* hey beautiful.. want me to come over so WE can do sumthing?? lol see i know how to sweet talk and be dirty! haha imma hooking you up!

one more thing.. i DO NOT have chubby cheeks... =P



annie: hiyo!!! sooo..... you dont like him anymore eh?? eh?? i see i see.. now i cant bug you during lunch and stuff.. gosh annie ruin all the fun i see!!!!!!! hehehe know what? eeww!! you know pannie! is like saying panties! without the T! omg!! you know how sumtimes guys say panties but they dont really say the T!? they say pannies!! heheheehe annie has the nickname of underwear! o sorry hehe



liz: *muahs* *muahs* hehehe!

my LiL sKittLeS gUrL

i WuV YoU




to everyone else: hi i love you guys! and miss you ppls!! hehehee... dont feel left out or anything that i dint give a separate shout out? kay please!! if you want me to give a shout out for you.. um email me or IM me telling me so.. so i can say hi or ya!

o ya everyone have lots of parties kay!!?!! so we can see eachother more and act stoopid or shake our bon bons... *smiliez*

(note: i dint wanna list everyone because im lazy)


Some people never get to see an angel- i'm lucky i'm always surrounded by them.




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