If you would like to help ensure the future of Hayward...join

Team Zermeño!

Print this form, fill it out and send it to the address below. Gracias mil.

YES! You can count on me to Vote for Francisco Zermeño for Hayward City Council in March 2004!

You may list me as an endorser: _________________________________________ (please sign)

I would like to contribute to your campaign, enclosed is my contribution for $______
(make checks payable to ZHCCC)

I want to help your campaign. I will:

      º __ Walk my precinct with you		
      º __ Host a coffee get-together
	º __ Put  a sign in my front yard	
      º __ Telephone bank
	º __ Other ________________________________

The following information is required by law when making a contribution:

Name ______________________________________

Address ________________________________________________________________________

Phone _____________________________________

Email _____________________________________

Employer __________________________________

Occupation _________________________________

Francisco Zermeño for 2004 Hayward City Council

Protect, Improve and Preserve our Neighborhoods

¡Viva Hayward, Heart of the Bay!

Zermeño for Hayward City Council Committee · I.D.# 1253903
zhccc / 2247 sleepy hollow avenue / hayward, ca 94545
510.732.2746 · fax 510.732.6624

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